2023.04.15 - Packing Up

The day started bright and sunny with little wind and quite warm. So I made an early start. I decided that since I was solo for this exercise, I'd dress the mast but not put it up and do that tomorrow on the public slip. So I cracked on.

I found this hanging from the underside of the forehatch. It's a small wasp's nest. It's abandoned now and it wasn't there when I brought Naiad home.

Several of the rigging thimbles needed so attention and were given a good scrub with a wire brush and the painted with zinc paint.

The rigging is now six years old (I think) so I'll probably make up some new one in the near future.

Halfway through the afternoon and Naiad is well on the way to being ready to go.

This is the AIS antenna. It's not wired in yet, that's the next job.

Had to take a break here as it started to pour with rain. We had about 4mm in less than an hour.

I was in the process of attaching the towing hitch when it started so although it looks like the trailer is connected, it isn't! I corrected that once the rain has stopped and also checked the car tyres adding air where needed.

So, I'm ready to go. I think I have remembered everything and I've decided to go really early tomorrow morning so that I can drive slowly, check the trailer often and take my time when I get to the public slip. Low water is at 03:40  and Naiad should float around 06:00 if all goes well. High tide is at 10:00 and I'd like to be finished and on my way home by noon. We'll see.

Time for a cup of tea.