2023.04.14 - Launch Schedule

The intention was to launch Naiad on or around 21st April as the forecast indicated that the winds might be light enough to be able to paddle Naiad out to the mooring once she had floated off the trailer. I booked the day odd in anticipation with the note to my line manager that the actual day I took of might differ and I explained the reason why.

All well and good.

Except this is Britain and the weather changes. I often say, don't like the weather? Blink. It will change.

And so it has. Now the not so long term forecast shows that it is likely to be blowing hoolie next Friday and the best time to launch in the foreseeable future is this Sunday. That's correct, in two days time. Unfortunately, Tina is off for a training weekend with the minibus so I'll be by myself and having to use the CRV. Not that this is a problem per se, I can do all the rigging at the launch site by myself, it's just easier if there are two people. And the CRV is more than capable of towing the boat but there's not much room inside, unlike the minibus, and just about everything will need to be put in Naiad before I go.

The tides aren't that favourable either and I'll need to get to West Mersea no later than 04:00 but that's not so bad either and it means little of no traffic on the roads and it will be starting to get light by the time I arrive. The tides are neaps, or close to neaps meaning that there is less rise to the tide and that's the reason for getting there early, before low water would be good except it will be dark.

Well, the trailer is ready to go, I just have to dress the mast and spars and rig them for travel, then pack everything in Naiad and she's ready. The last task on the list, that of making a nice canvas cockpit tent will have to wait until another day. I may have to take the tarpaulin I'm going to use to make the template for the tent and them try to make the tent using the tarpaulin and bring it back home to make the real thing. Difficult but not impossible. Probably going to be a better idea to get some modern tent fabric and make the first tent out of that before committing to a tent in heavy canvas. In fact, there is an argument to say that a modern tent fabric will be much better since it is a lot less prone to rot and mildew than canvas. I'll have to bear that in mind. It also would pack down into a smaller space and be much easier to handle when wet, unlike canvas.

Hm. Methinks I need to rethink this.

No photos today, there's not much to take picture of really. I put back all the light things into Naiad and the heavy things, like the anchors, kedge warp, water containers, oars, paddles and such like will go in the car.

I collected all the bedding and cushions and put the bedding into a waterproof(ish) bag and all these will probably go in the boat rather than the car. I need to check the car tyres and add air if necessary. Tomorrow's main job is to dress the spars, put them on the boat, wire up the AIS antenna and then lower the mast and secure it for transport. I'm not going to put on the new sails here, I'll leave that for another time on the mooring but I will take them along so that they are aboard Naiad.

Time for a cup of tea.