2023.04.13 - Mudguards

In this country it is mandatory for most trailers to be fitted with working mudguards and with good reason. Without these guards all sorts of mud, water and other debris will be flung into the air by the rotating wheels and could cause accidents. Any vehicle following the trailer would have its visibility restricted and there would be a good chance of stones and pebbles shattering the windscreen.

There are exceptions to the rule but Naiad's trailer is not one of them. So, today's task was to fit the mudguards.

I reused the old mudguards since they are the same size as the new ones but have a metal fitting that clamps to the trailer frame.

I did need to add some wooden shims as you can see here and to cut and drill four pieces of angle iron to which the u-bolts were fitted but I had two well fitting mudguards fitted in about two hours.

The other side was similarly fitted so now I have a legal boat trailer ready to go.

Time for a cup of tea.