2023.04.10 - Rearranging the Workshop

The day began wet and windy but not that cold, I'm glad to say. The wet weather does make it hard to go out and do anything so I procrastinated for a while before just getting on with it.

The first order of business was to rearrange the workshop. The spars were moved closer together and the saw table moved away from the back wall. I moved most of the boat bits from the container to the workshop so that I have them to hand when dressing the mast and checking that I have everything. There's quite a lot in the workroom in the house that will need to be moved to the workshop. Most of these will be put in or on Naiad before we leave with some things, like the anchors, chains and bowsprit, put into the minibus just before we leave.

I took the time to load all of the boat gear that I had in the house except the soft stuff into the minibus and move it all down to the workshop. There's quite a lot but it's not very heavy.

This is the reason for using the minibus. Wet and windy!

Here is a short clip since the photo doesn't really show the rain.

So, having spend some time cleaning and tidying up the saw table I turned my attention to the ash pan.

The result isn't too bad but I'll need to fillet all the inside edges so that ash doesn't get trapped in the corners.

I'll use epoxy for that since it will also have the effect of making the ash pan much stronger.

After lunch (a baked sweet potato with cheese) I mixed up some epoxy, coated the seams with the neat mix, then thickened the epoxy with filleting blend. The epoxy is not going to glue the seams together so I don't need to use the wood fibres.

I used a piping bag to put a thin bead of epoxy in the corners and on a couple of slightly open seams on the bottom and then used peel ply to shape the bead and to make sure that any amine blush is removed once the epoxy has cured.

Here are the two seams on the bottom and these also have been covered in peel ply. As usual I mixed up a squirt of neat epoxy and brushed that on to the peel ply to ensure a good coverage.

Just for fun, once this is cured I think I'll make a handle. Actually, no I won't since if I do that it will get in the way of the milk crate. Oh well, maybe a finger hole in the front.

The next task was the Reolink camera carriage. I've bought a flat, quick-release strap for this and that needs slots in the sides of the carriage rather than the holes I put there for the lines. So the camera and solar panel were removed and the slots cut with a jigsaw. Here it is put back together again and put up on one of the posts of the hay barn. Not with the strap as that is too short to go around the square post. It's fine for the mast which is smaller and round.

I spend the rest of the afternoon sorting through all the stuff I'd taken out of Naiad when she arrived here back in November last year. I need to get some sort of organisation going as I forget where something is, like bin bags, so take more down on the next visit. Do that a couple of time and you end up with three sets of bin bags in different places. Likewise cleaning cloths. I've ended up with loads of these on the boat.

Time for a cup of tea.