2023.04.08 - Getting More Tasks Done

Since Naiad is probably not going to be put outside until Thursday depending on the weather forecast, I decided to do a few things that I was putting off until later in the season or perhaps during the off-season.

First thing, however, was the ash pan. Unfortunately, the gluing didn't completely work and several pieces didn't stick. However, that's not a bad thing since I made the laths too long and would have needed to break a few apart to the them back out.

As you can see the tray broke into four parts. I cleaned up the edges after cutting the laths to the correct length and then used some "Hard As Nails" that I inherited from my Dad to stick the pieces back together again. So, I know what one of tomorrow's tasks will be !

The second square bar arrived this morning so I cut that to length.

Then galvanised the cut end. One of tomorrow's tasks will be to fit this on the trailer.

The bolt holes in the top of the boom crutch legs were made bigger so that I don't have to hammer the bolts out each time.

The corresponding bolt holes in the bird netting line support were also widened for the same reason.

The halyard guide on the coachroof got a coat of paint. The spilt paint will be carefully scraped off and repainted with beige once it has dried.

The centre plates was put back in the boat which involved raising the boat up about a foot off the trailer since the new keel support prevents the plate from sliding into place. It was a little daunting climbing into the boat to locate the plates whilst it was hanging in the strops. There are no photos of this, I was more concerned about getting the task finished and getting out of the slightly swinging boat !

Once the centre plate was in position the compression post could be bolted in place and the clock board put back. I did have to clean some verdigris off the clock as some salt water has splashed on it. Still, it looks good and that just leaves the ash pan to completed on the inside. Everything else left on my list needs Naiad outside where I can raise the mast. 

Time for a cup of tea.