2023.04.06 - Cracking on with the Task List

With Naiad now the right way up I can make a start on the remaining tasks starting with the bobstay fitting. The immediate tasks in the order in which they should be carried out are:

  • Bobstay fitting,
  • Chain locker.
  • Sampson post

The bobstay eyebolt from the outside. The threads were liberally coated with Sikaflex before inserting it into the hole.

A washer and two lock nuts were tightened down on the inside. The wooded pad around the bolt is to prevent the end of the bolt from punching a hole in the chain locker which will rest against it when fitted.

The chain locker and sampson post now fitted.

The Sikaflex was used to seal the sampson post where it goes through the deck.

This stuff is designed for this sort of application and can be smoothed out with a wet finger as I did here.

This is the tablet holder. The inner part swings on two pins and is kept from flapping around when not in use by the pins at the bottom. These have rings attached so that the pins may be removed easily. I haven't worked out how I'm going to keep the inner part at an angle yet but then I don't really know what that angle should be, so That will be decided later.

The last task for the day was to refit the starboard book locker which was removed to allow access to the bolts for the chain plates. The port one also needs to be refitted but there is a through-deck fitting to be added first for the AIS antenna cable.

Time for a cup of tea.