2023.04.05 - Naiad the Correct Way Up

Having put the axle sets and wheels on the trailer yesterday, today's job is to install the boat supports, turn Naiad the right way up, put her on the modified trailer and block up the trailer.

The two bilge runner supports were put back on having installed the previously. The keel support was screwed to the two wooden cross beams (seen in black) but left unsupported at the ends.

The various rollers and supports were removed since the trailer bends a little when the boat is in position and only then can the rollers be put back and adjusted to the correct height.

This is Naiad on the modified trailer.

The supports are a good fit.

But there is a problems and that is the strops getting caught between the boat and the trailer. I'll leave them there for now since I expect that Naiad will need to be lifted off the trailer in a few days.

This is the other bilge runner support and this is also a good fit.

The keel support stop just where it touches the aft trailer roller. I'll turn this roller around so that it is on the other side of the cross beam and then adjust it to properly support the end of the new, wooded support.

Time for a cup of tea.