2023.04.04 - Can't Wait Any Longer

It was a beautiful day today and I decided that I can't wait any longer to get on with turning Naiad the right way up again so that I can continue working on her. So, with Tina's help, I put the new wheels and axles on the trailer.

This is the result. No photos of the inbetween work since a lot of the time my hands were very greasy, or would have been if I wasn't wearing nitrile gloves, but the result would have been the same if I had tried to take photos.

Not all of the nuts on the bolts are tightened down fully as the front inboard three will be take out in order to put in the smaller square bar when it arrives.

You can clearly see where it is going to go in this photo.

For now, however, since the trailer will not be going anywhere except into the workshop, there is not need to have everything fully tightened. The plan is to install the new supports on the trailer, turn Naiad over and lift her up, wheel the trailer into the workshop and lower Naiad onto the trailer but not fully out of the strops and then to jack up the trailer onto blocks so that the weight of the boat is not resting on the new axles. Then I can start working on the remaining tasks. When the bar arrives I can lift Naiad out of the trailer a bit and install the new bar. I may need to take the trailer out of the workshop but I can either leave Naiad hanging in the strops or put tyres on the floor and lower her onto those so that the strops are just keeping her upright with the tyres taking her weight.

Time for a cup of tea.