2023.03.30 - Waiting for Things to Arrive, Again

I'm sort of in limbo right now on the Naiad project as I'm waiting for the parts for the trailer to arrive so that I can make the modifications to it before Naiad is turned the right way up and put on the trailer. Most of the tasks still waiting require Naiad to be the right way up so I have been occupying my spare time watching videos of sailing around the Essex and Suffolk coasts.

Have you ever noticed that watching sailing videos is really boring? I have. All the top earning YouTube sailing videos all have a beautiful woman involved usually wearing skimpy swimmers and strategically placed to be in most shots. The location is usually somewhere warm and tropical and even then, the sailing is still boring. Since the majority of people that watch YouTube are men I'd hazard a guess that they are not really watching such videos for the sailing.

The East Coast of England is rarely warm, definitely not tropical and scantily clad women are notable by their absence. Sailing videos around this area also have very few views or likes and the person posting the videos rarely have many followers either. I wonder why that would be?

Still, I scrub through the videos to find shots of places I would like to visit in Naiad. Such shots are few and far between, rarely good video and rarely useful and as for the sailing shots, well one part of the North Sea looks pretty much like any other part of the North Sea in a video. Seen the first 10 seconds and you've seen it all.

For nearly seven years I watched the "Salt & Tar" Youtube videos of Ruth & Garrett building Rediviva from the keel up in Washington State and then finally getting to sail her down the Pacific Coast of the North America. Only now that they are a sailing channel instead of a boat-building channel, their videos have become boring. Well, boring to me at least. Like I said, sailing is boring to watch even for sailors. Now Ruth & Garrett are sociable people and their posts are full of wonderful places and meeting new people and that's fine. Except my sailing is solo, on the East Coast of England and not meeting new people except in the yacht club. So why would I be interested in watching something different? The obvious answer is I wouldn't and that is correct.

So, will I take videos of my travels? Certainly. Will I post them? Probably. Will there be lots of sailing? Nope. Will there be warm and tropical locations with scantily clad women in every shot? Not at all. Well, what will you be posting then? Shots of the anchorages and approaches to the same and as many drone videos of Naiad at anchor in said anchorages. Will it be interesting? Probably not. why do it then? Haven't a clue.

Time for a cup of tea.