2023.03.26 - Trailer Cradle Part VI

I really wanted to get the two bilge runner supports fitted today so after lunch I set to. The mounting blocks were ready to be cut down to size and drilled, I just had to work out how much I needed to reduct the height of the blocks..

I put the supports in place and drilled another hole and the difference between the two holes is the amount that the block need to be cut down to put the correct hole in the correct position. This end required a 20mm reduction.

The other end, however, only required 5mm to be removed.

Then it was a case of drill the holes and hope that I kept the bit straight enough. Once the 11mm holes were drilled through the support I took the support to the workshop and opened up the holes to 13mm.

I reused the rods that supported the rollers previously although I'll have to dig out some retaining pins as a couple broke when I took the rods out the other day.

Still, it all came out pretty good in the end. I think I'll put some mastic under the supports when I put this together properly.

Here are the two supports in place & I'm quite pleased at how they came out.

Time for a cup of tea.