2023.03.24 - Trailer Cradle Part V

Yet another beautiful day today despite the wind. I was in a good mood since everything at work for the last couple of days has gone well. Today's task is the continuation of the trailer modifications.

With the cramps removed and the supports turned over I was pleased to see that the carpet has stayed in place. A good start.

The supports were carefully places on the hull and measurements take for two temporary cross beams.

These beams were screwed to the centre support, two screws in each cross piece to prevent movement, and clamped to the side supports.

A small piece of wood was required to fill the gap between the support and the beam.

The cramps were tightened down quite hard as I don't want the support to move when it is taken off.

Hopefully the cramps are all that is required but I have marked the position of the spacers on the supports in case it twists.

The bilge runner supports are not a tight fit.

There is a little wriggle room.

Tina and I carried the cradle out to the trailer and put it in position. I was quite relieved to see that it fit well.

Not at all bad.

The rollers were removed so that the supports can locate in the metal fittings.

The idea is to fix the side supports to the roller fittings down far enough that the centre keel support rests on the two cross beams on the trailer that you can see in black.

I used a 11mm drill bit to drill a shallow hole where the bolts will go, just to mark the position more than anything else.

The bolts will not carry the weight of the boat but are there to locate and fix the supports in place.

To fill the space between the bottom of the supports and the beam I laminated four spacers onto the supports.

Once the glue has dried I'll cut the spacers down to the correct height by putting the supports on the trailer and measuring the height difference between where the hole is marked on the support and the hole on the trailer and cutting off the excess.

But for now, time for a cup of tea.