2023.03.23 - Trailer Cradle Part IV

The task for the day is to get the trailer cradle supports carpeted. I have some old carpet in the workshop that I "rescued" from being thrown away when we had the carpet in the living room replaced. I've used bits of it for various things but I think there's still enough left for this job. If not then I'll have to find some from somewhere.

Firstly, however, I had to remove the cramps and put in a few long screws. These are probably not necessary but I did it anyway.

Just before the glueing stage. The carpet has been cut, I did have enough, and some battens found to hold the carpet in place.

This is after the carpet has been glued in place. The cramps hold the battens down tight which holds the carpet to the supports in turn. Hopefully this will be enough to keep the carpet in place. We'll see tomorrow when the cramps are removed.

The rudder stock got a second coat of paint after this.

It's a very slightly different shade of burgundy than I used on the hull as it is the last of the tin of paint that I had over from the last haul out.

Time for a cup of tea.