2023.03.16 - First & Second Burgundy Coats

The morning temperature yesterday at 06:00 was a chilly -3 Celsius so I didn't start the day by putting another coat of red on the hull but waited until it warmed up. In the meantime, the burgundy paint arrived so when it did warm up (a little) I applied the first coat of burgundy.

This is the first coat and as you can see it is fairly streaky and you can still see the  red paint underneath.

This is quite normal and subsequent coats will cover this up completely.

I left the blue masking tape on these last few coats as I think it should come off easily after three or four coats and save me time and masking tape.

This is the second burgundy coat and you can see that the streaky finish of the first coat has now been covered.

The third coat should ensure that the coverage is total.

I took off the masking tape after this coat and it was just as well that I did. A small part of the tape tore and didn't come off so easily as the rest. It didn't take long to fix, just using a knife blade to lift up the tape remaining on the hull and then carefully pull if off.

So, three coats of paint is the limit for this tape under these conditions. If it were warmer I'd remove the tape after each coat since the warmer temperature would make the paint go harder more quickly and that would certainly make it a lot more difficult to remove the tape.

Still, time for a cup of tea.