2023.03.13 - Second Red Coat

SInce the new paint will not arrive for a few days and the maximum overcoat time for the red paint is 24 hours, I decided to put more thin coats onto Naiad each day so that when the new paint arrives I can put coats of that paint on without having to sand Naiad first. This is quite important since if you put subsequent coats on within the overcoating time, then the layers of paint bond together well. Leave it longer than the maximum overcoating time and the paint has cured too much and the next coat will not bond to it meaning that the next coat of paint needs to be lightly sanded in order to key the paint which is a fancy term for scuff it up a bit with lots of micro-scratches so that the next coat has something on which to hold. 

I'd much rather put on more thin coat of paint than sand one that has been left too long.

Did I mention that I really dislike sanding?

Before breakfast I went out to the workshop and taped the hull. I used the thin tape this time since I know where the red coat ends.

After breakfast I started on the second coat of red. The application was quite quick as I remembered how to use a roller when applying paint.

I don't paint often enough to make the process automatic and the first coat is always a chore and time-consuming. By the time I get to the second coat I've remembered the technique and this and subsequent coats go a lot quicker.

Putting on several thin coats has an added benefit in that I use up some of the red. By the time the blue arrives there should be enough space in the tin to add the blue directly into the tin of red thus saving a lot of messing about decanting paints into different pots in order to mix the colours.

Time for a cup of tea.