2023.03.08 - I'm Getting Old!

And I was doing so well. The sanding of the hull is done and now I need to put on a couple of coats of topside paint. Only there's a problem with that. I don't have enough paint for even one coat let alone two. I really should have checked this sooner.

So I withdrew to my office, looked up from whom I bought the original paint back in 2017, yes, that long ago, went to their website to get some more and guess what? They no longer sell it.

The colour is Burgundy and I discovered that what I thought is a stock code (RALBS4800/OD45) is in fact a colour swatch code. However, I couldn't find anywhere that sells a burgundy topside paint. So I've had to order the nearest colour I could find and that is RAL 3020 or red!

Going to take a few days to arrive so I thought I'd find something else to work on in the meantime. But that was not to be either. As I finished up work it started snowing. No way am I going out there in the cold.

I told you, I'm getting old !!

Time to warm up with a fresh cup of tea.