2023.03.07 - Sanding Again

The sanding disks for my random orbital sander arrived today so it's time to get on with some sanding. Oh joy ! I don't think I know of anyone that likes sanding. I'm sure there are a few, but I'm certainly not one of them.

Although the topside paint is fairly scuffed in places already, it still needs to be sanded before fresh paint is applied.

I hooked up my workshop vacuum to the orbital sander and got started. The new disks are 180 grit and made easy work of the old paint.

One I had gone over the hull with the power tool I could see those areas that it could not reach.

Such as this one by the navigation light and the nae plate. 

These areas I did by hand again with 180 grit paper and then used a paint scraper on the boot top followed by the manual sanding. The boot top has not been completely removed since the burgundy paint will only go about 5mm beyond the boot top.

Even with the vacuum attached I still didn't escape the find dust, so I left the task for today and will start on the paint tomorrow once the dust in the air has had a chance to settle.

Time for a cuppa.