2023.03.04 - Second Copper Coat

Work on the second coat of copper epoxy started once I had got up, dressed and fed the cats. The epoxy was mixed in the kitchen after the parts had been standing overnight by the Rayburn to stay warm.

The intention was to use a foam roller to spread the epoxy but it seems that the colder temperature stopped this from being effective and the epoxy just didn't cover properly. So I reverted to using a brush. I mixed up half a batch of the epoxy and even that was a little too much but better too much than too little.

The epoxy develops a milky film whilst it is curing, this soon goes away but you can see it quite clearly.

It also makes the epoxy covering look streaked and not particularly well covered but that is not the case.

So, that is the last of the work to be done on the underwater part of the hull, next up will be turning Naiad back up the right way to complete the rest of the work. I'll probably use the keel shoe on the trailer and perhaps even the bilge runner supports so that the original supports on the trailer do not damage the nice new copper coat.

While I am waiting for the epoxy to fully cure I'll work on the trailer cradle as this is about the only thing I can do with the boat this way up. I will have to crawl underneath and get inside the cabin in order to use a vacuum cleaner to get all the sawdust, shavings, mud and wot not that has now fallen on to the underside of the coachroof. It's easier to clean it up now than it is to turn Naiad up the right way and clean her as there is less to get in the way. I'll do this before turning her over but with the slings rigged so that if I accidentally knock one of the supports over Naiad will not fall down.

Time for a cup of tea.