2023.02.28 - Good News Today, Still Not That Enthusastic

I had two lots of good news today. This first is that the special epoxy arrive from Benring. I contacted them last week to ask if they had managed to secure some more copper powder since the previous time I had called they were unable to source the stuff at a reasonable price. Well, they hadn't but I have enough powder left over from another project so asked if I could buy just the epoxy and I was delighted that they agreed and it arrived in the post this morning.

The reason for using their epoxy rather than West System or similar is that theirs is designed for covering and not constructing. It's easy to apply, not exacting like some other copper epoxy formulations I could mention, extremely sticky and sets rock hard.

The second piece of good news is that Naiad's new sails are ready and I can go and collect them.

Still cold outside.

So instead I worked on this website a bit. There's now a gallery of photos of Naiad plus a few extras and there's also a random image of Naiad on the home page which changes every time you reload the page.