2023.02.27 - Enthusiastic? Not Really.

Today the temperature took a tumble and as usual in those circumstances I find it difficult to work up enthusiasm for any type of outdoor work.

I have been allocated a rack at the Yacht Club and since I went down there on Sunday last for a Sunday Lunch, I took the dinghy and put it in its new home.

Rack number 13 is right on the end of the racks and at the entrance to the car park so Ideal as far as I am concerned.

This is the position of the rack with the dinghy and trailer in place and locked up with a chain and padlock. This will be Sprite's home until the new dinghy is built whereupon she will come back to the workshop for some necessary maintenance and then I'll try to find a new home for her.

Despite not being that enthralled at doing any work outside, I did do a couple of things today just to be able to say that I had done something.

This is the anchor locker in which the anchor chain is stored under the foredeck and in front of the sampson post. The problem with it is that I made it too tall. When the chain is fed through the hawse pipe from on deck it tends to pile up in a heap until it blocks the pipe with a lot of the chain still on deck. There's not much I could do about this until the motion of the boat toppled the piled up chain allowing the rest of the chain to be fed through.

With just a very small gap between the top of the locker and the deck, not even a finger's width, I could not even go below and push the pile over by hand.

So I cut the top 120 mm off. That's enough to allow me to easily get my hand in to rearrange the chain but the locker is still tall enough for all the chain.

The other thing I did was to cut about 15 mm off the bottom of the antenna tube so that I can reach in with my finger to undo the cable. I don't think that's quite enough so tomorrow I'll take a bit more off.

For now, time for a cup of tea.