2023.02.23 - Stem & Keel Reinforcement Part VIII

It turned out to be dry today but unfortunately it also turned out to be cold. Too cold to be playing with power tools again so instead I removed the excess sealant from the keel bands that have now been fitted. I started using a sharp knife but after have nearly cut myself instead of the sealant due to cold fingers, I changed to using a paint scraper. This turned out to do a better job so perhaps cold fingers in this instance was a good thing.

As you can see the scraper has done a good job in removing the excess sealant.

The right-angles bends were a little more tricky but I got the job done here as well.

I know this looks like the bilge runner above but it isn't. It just looks like it. This was the runner which I thought I had forgotten the screw in the end of the metal and that turned out to be the case, so that was sorted out before I forgot it again.

Even the stem came out well.

You can still see the white sealant in places but this is usually under the metal band. It won't make a great deal of difference as it will all be covered in copper epoxy.

The weather forecast for tomorrow shows that it will be much of the same so I may just have to bite the bullet, wear thick gloves and socks and work on the remaining two keel bands tomorrow afternoon when it is warmest and enlist Tina's aid to make the work go faster.

In the meantime...

Time for a cup of tea.