2023.02.17 - Trailer Cradle Part I

Yet another beautiful day and I wasn't feeling too bad so after work I decided to make the keel shoe part of the trailer cradle. The cradle is going to be three wooden supports for Naiad what will be mounted on the trailer instead of the ineffective rollers that are there now. However, the supports need to be made to fit the curve of the keel and bilge runners and I can't do that if I also want to be applying epoxy to the stem. If I do the keel section today, it will be dry tomorrow and can be removed from the boat allowing me to work on the glass reinforcement tomorrow.

First task is to cut the plywood into strips. That's easy enough to do with a track saw and requires no ultra-careful use since the track will guide the blade. Here is the setup.

Two down eight(ish) to go.

I didn't take photos during the gluing up process, sticky hands and camera-phones don't really belong together.

I put three layers on which is enough to hold the shape when dry and if it is not strong enough then I can add more laminates without needing to put it on the hull.

The curve of the keel isn't great but it is enough that a straight support would not be any use.

Still, a good couple of hours work and now...

Time for a cup of tea.