2023.02.15 - Gently Does It

Yesterday was a lovely day. Sunshine, warm little wind, a great day for doing some boat work.


I was a tad under the weather and handling tools when you're not feeling well and under the influence of painkillers, well, that's not a good idea.

So, nothing got done.

Today I felt better but not really well enough to handle sharp tools but I didn't want to waste yet another day when there is so much to be done.

I sanded the area that is to have the fibreglass covering with a coarse grit sandpaper to give it a good key with which to bond.

The keel band for the forefoot and stem turned out to be really easy to make. The bar did not need to be bent into shape at all, it would have fitted just by using the screws but I decided to shape it anyway and was able to form this by hand, bending the steel across the horn of my anvil.

The weights are to hold it in place while I take the photos, it slides off otherwise.

Two more sections of steel were cut for the main part of the keel.

These were then marked at 100 mm intervals where the holes for the screws will be drilled. 

But that's it for today. The next stage is to drill the holes and that required power tools and that is not a good idea. Maybe tomorrow.

Time for a cup of tea.