2023.02.11 - Stem & Keel Reinforcement Part II

The next phase of the Stem & Keel Reinforcement can be started whilst the epoxy on the stem is curing. So I made a start on this after lunch.

I bought 3 long pieces of 316 stainless steel 2mm thick by 12mm wide and 3m in length. Turns out that this wasn't enough and so I have another 3 lengths on order.

I cut and shaped three pieces, one for each of the bilge runners and one for the skeg.

This is the second bilge runner keel band.

This is the one for the skeg. It only looks wonky, it fits well if you hold it in place.

The front end  was also bent over to try and prevent it from being ripped off when Naiad is beached on a shingle beach. 

The edges on one side were rounded using an angle grinder, then the length was drilled and countersunk...

... holes drilled in the bilge runner and the keel band screwed in place.

By this time I was getting tired so I stopped here. I'll work on the other keel bands tomorrow and see how far I get. I may need to visit a hardware store since I'm running out of disks for the angle grinder.

Time for a cup of tea.