2023.02.04 - Damage to the Hull

With the weather still staying warmer than average for the time of year, I'm keen to make the most of it without wearing myself to a frazzle.

Thickened epoxy spread around the edges of the reinforcing pad as a large fillet.

 A few hours later when the epoxy has reached the green stage I applied the peel ply.

You can see that the fillet is a lot more smooth that originally applied.

The test will be when it is removed.

And here it is a day later.

It's looking good. I need to get to work with a rasp and some sandpaper, but not at all bad.

The overhangs, lumps and bumps removed with a rasp.

A closer look.

Still a little rough from the rasp, you can see the grooves left by the harsh teeth.

I need to use some fine grit sandpaper on this to finish it off.

That's a bit better. I don't want it polished but I also don't want gouges that will be seen through the finish.

The other side is better as well.

I noticed some damage to the hull whilst sanding.

More damage that I'd not noticed before.

And more here next to the damage to the keel. This is the keel damage that I thought was caused by getting Naiad onto the trailer, but not only is it in the wrong position but it also wouldn't cause this type of damage. 

I suspect that all this is caused by Naiad rubbing on the chain of the ground tackle as she takes the mud or is lifted off the mud. I can't continue to have this happen to Naiad so I'll ask if the yard has an all tide mooring where she will not be able to sit on the ground tackle. It might be more expensive, but that is preferable to damage to the boat.

Time for a cup of tea.