2023.01.31 - Washing the Hull

This afternoon's task was the washing of the hull to remove more of the dried slime. It won't get rid of it all but it will get a lot of it off and that will be less to clog the sandpaper when the time comes to sand the hull.

The problem with washing the hull right now is that even with the doors of the workshop left open it is going to take a while for the hull to dry off sufficiently to work on it.

The light green you can see on the hull is the remaining fouling that will need to be sanded away.

The concrete floor isn't going to help the hull dry as the evaporation from the concrete will hinder the drying of anything else.

I was able to make a start on the aft end of the hull and the transom. The excess epoxy that had dripped off the hull had to be chipped away and 40 grit sandpaper used to clean the hull back to the copper epoxy. In places I was a bit too exuberant and took the copper epoxy off as well, but that isn't going to be a problem since it will be covered in glass mat and epoxy and then copper epoxy on top of that.

This is going to be the hardest part to prepare. The join between the skeg and the hog is rounded making it harder to sand. Still just the few moments that I spent on it today has shown that it should come up quite well.

That is about all I'm going to do until the hull has thoroughly dried. Hopefully with a warming day tomorrow I might be able to get started on the final part of the leak repair tomorrow or the day after.

Time for a cup of tea.