2023.01.02 - Working My Way Down the List

Despite the slight damage to my thumb I decided that since today is my last day of Holiday and I'm back to work tomorrow, I ought to get something more done on getting Naiad ready for launching. 

So, being quite careful not to bend the thumb too much, I set to.

The completed shelves and you can see the five different shelf supports in the top three shelves in the centre. This should be good enough to hold the small pieces of useful timber.

A section of plastic corrugated roofing screwed under the beams where the water is getting in. It needed to be done this way since the leak is where two roof sheets overlap so patching them isn't possible.

The other leak should have been a bit easier but the roof is so fragile that I made a second large hole trying to fix the first and had to make a more substantial repair. It should do the trick, I'll find out the next time it rains. If the worst comes to the worst I'll cover the tops shelf with a tarpaulin.

So that's two of the items on my intermediate list completed, the next one is to sort and stack the offcuts. This is probably going to be a difficult job and I'm toying with the idea that 90% should just be burnt. I'll sort out the good wood and stack the remainder outside on the burn pile under a tarpaulin so that it doesn't get too wet and effectively start again with the offcuts.

Time for a cuppa.