2021.10.22 - Brightlingsea Moorings Unsafe for Unpowered Boats

I paid a visit to Brightlingsea today with a view to looking at the harbour and the general area. I also specifically went to the Harbour Office having phoned yesterday to make sure that someone was there and was advised that the Duty Harbour Master was on duty from 13:00 and would be able to answer any questions I had.

So offI went. I deliberately went early which gave me a chance to see the town and harbour and to have a coffee and to visit the facilities.

At the appointed time I went back to the Harbour Office and spoke to the the very helpful staff there, one of whom, on hearing that Naiad was without an engine, took a couple of pictures of Naiad that I had taken along with me and went upstairs to confer with the Duty Harbour Master.

On her return she advised me that they would not be able to offer me a mooring for Naiad since, as she was without an engine, it would not be safe.

Well, you can't argue with the Duty Harbour Master and to be fair, they do have the moorings very close together in the harbour. Barely enough room for two boats to pass each other between the long pontoons, for example and they give specific warnings about the restricted space there.

So, there you have it. Brightlingsea moorings are not safe for unpowered boats, straight from the Duty Harbour Master's mouth.

Disappointing, but if it is so unsafe, then I guess I'd rather not have a mooring there. I've put a lot of time and money into rebuilding Naiad and and unsafe mooring is not where I want her to be despite having good insurance.

The Duty Harbour Master did suggest a nearby alternative, though, so it's obviously not his thinking that either I or Naiad that are unsafe.