2021.10.15 - Dinghy Mast, Boom, Sails & Parts and Outboard Motor


Mast & Boom

No idea what dinghy class to which they belong.

Deck boot.

Roller furling headsail.

Mast is just under 6.9m.

And 2.63m to the forestay mount.

2ft from the heel to the deck boot.

Boom is around 3.23m in length.

Total length of the furling gear is 4.3m.

Including the eyes at both ends. Notice that there is an alloy tube around which the jib is furled.

Three in-mast halyards exit at the mast heel.

Five sails. A main, jib and spinnaker for sure, no idea what the the other two are nor in what condition. Look to be fine but the ground is too dirty to get them out to identify what they are.

Loads of fittings and wot-not go with the rig.

Spreaders, tracks of all find including a mainsheet traveller.

Should and kicking strap, blocks shackles and other stuff.

More stuff. The plates at the bottom of the photos with the 6 holes were the chainplates to which the shrouds were fastened.

And more stuff. The wooden thing was the mount for the mainsheet block and the odd-shaped metal plate is a bow cover/reinforcement.

Outboard Motor

Johnson 4.0 HP Sea Horse, two fuel tanks and transom mount.

The tanks. Unable to find the hose but after 5 years it is probably perished. [Edit} found the hose and it has hardened into uselessness. There isa tank fitting on one end so that is salvageable.

The lifting transom mount.

The outboard winterised by the previous owner by cleaning wrapping in cling-film. After 5 years in my workshop it is not so clean!

The clip for the engine cover is broken.