2021.06.30 - Mainsheet Blocks II

Now that various tools and gungy stuff has finally arrived, it is time to continue the new mainsheet blocks.

This is one of the two Ash timber pieces I bought from which the block will be constructed.

I cut off a piece the correct length...

...and cut the piece in half to give two thinner pieces. This is known as resawing the timber. The process took over an hour to complete because I had to setup the band saw first. Resawing uses a different blade from normal and you need to set it all up correctly and ensure that the table and fence are adjusted so that the blade doesn't cut through the wood at a skewed angle.

The blue masking tape is put on to the cut surfaces, superglue applied to a few spots on the tape and the two pieces of wood 'glued' together.

Like this. You'll see why in moment.

I stuck the outline of the two blocks onto the timber with spray adhesive...

...and used the bandsaw to roughly cut the timber to shape. Here one part is cut...

...and a short while later I had both blocks roughed out.

The next stage is to use the belt sander to sand away the remaining waste.

This leaves the two blocks now shaped correctly.

The centre holes for the pins are drilled next...

...and the cheek pieces 'un-glued'. The paper and blue masking tape have been removed and any tear-out sanded away.

I stopped at this point as the next part is a little tricky and I want do some painting.

The rudder blade and stock have been sanded, the parts that remain in the water coated in a fresh coat of copper epoxy and the rest painted Burgundy. This is the second coat of paint and probably the last for this season.

I'll leave the rudder hanging up for a few days to a allow the paint to harden a bit before remounting the lead weights on the rudder blade and repaint the waterline.

Time for a cup of tea.