2021.05.28 - Mainsheet Blocks I

Whilst I'm in the mood to be making things and sorting things out both in the workshop and on Naiad, I was putting a coat of varnish on one of the mainsheet blocks and decided that they may have been reduced in price, but they are really much too big for the 10mm (~3/8") diameter sheet. The block is more suited to a rope size of 18mm (~3/4") which is why they look too large. They are too large !

So, two Tufnol blocks suitable for 10mm rope and 50mm (2") in diameter costs £20 including delivery and VAT. Two off cuts of Ash with enough timber to make a dozen blocks is £22 including delivery. With what I have in the workshop to make the blocks I will have two correctly sized blocks for about a third of the price I paid for the two I have been using. Plus I have the satisfaction of knowing that I made the blocks myself.

Here are the Tufnol sheaves...

...and these are the two Ash offcuts. They haven't arrived yet, this is one of the photos from the people who are selling the timber.

Later on today I shall work out the dimensions of the blocks.

Time for a coffee !