2021.05.19 - Painting II

The aim of the day was to start and hopefully complete the painting of the deck. Firstly, however, the threat of rain had me dashing out mid-afternoon.

The Hay Barn roof drips in a couple of places so I quickly put up a covering, just in case.

There's definitely one at the front and I think there may be one or two at the back, but I'm not entirely sure if the drips fall on the cockpit on on the deck.

So I didn't take any chances !

After work the coverings came off and the masking tape went on.

Apply paint, remove masking tape then stand back and admire.

That pretty much completes the painting and varnishing of the non-hull parts of the boat, just the topsides and waterline to do.

There are several things that need to go back on one the paint has dried but one thing I could do is the halyard guide I made months ago. The solar panels can also go back on, but in order to do that I need to get in the boat and I don't want to do that whilst the deck paint is still wet, so I'll do that tomorrow.

The weekend is shaping up to be an interesting time as I'm hoping to get two big projects done. One is the trailer guides and the other is the rudder sink-weight.

For now, however, it's time for a fresh cup of tea.