2021.05.10 - Six Years Today

Incredibly, I have owned Naiad for six years as of today (Monday). Time to look back and reflection what I have done.

This last year, for fairly obvious reasons, has been pretty dire in terms of sailing but in terms of owning Naiad, I am just as pleased to own her as before. Over the past 17 months I have worked on Naiad and all that is left to do is to repair the slight ding in the forefoot where I banged her on the trailer getting her out of the water last year, to paint the coachroof, deck and topsides, dress the spars and finish the sink weight on the rudder blade. Then she will be ready to go back in the water.

One task that also needs to be done is to make a trailer guide so that when she is next taken out of the water, the guide will assist in locating her on the trailer. Not having this doesn't stop her from going back in the water, but it will make life difficult when she next comes out if I use a slipway.

There are only four weeks left before our Broads holiday so I will aim to get her ready to go back in the water after we return from that. Trying to get her in before then is going to be difficult given all the other things that occupy our time.

Frankly, I can't wait to get her sailing again despite the geographical difficulties in this area. I will consider putting her on the Boards for a few months next year, I think, just to get some open water sailing done, I may even investigate doing this every year. This river sailing is all very well but the high banks make it less than ideal and I really wish to be able to sail her on open water for a change.