2021.03.07 - Some More Small Tasks

It has been quite a cold weekend, so much so that I've been working on small tasks that don't take too long, interspersed with cups of tea in the warm to let my fingers and toes warm up again.

This was the state of the holes in the coachroof yesterday. It looks as though I've done nothing, but in reality, the wood glue has seeped down the holes and soaked into the wood.

After another dose of glue yesterday, this is the result today. As you can see, the holes are pretty much filled with the exception of one.

So that one holes gets some more glue applied. Hopefully that will finish the job.

The other task on Naiad that I completed over the weekend was the solar panels. The wiring was cut to length properly and new spade connectors fitted. The frames are not tightly screwed down yet as once of the jobs to be done before Naiad goes back into the water is repainting the coachroof and for that the frames and panels will be removed. For now, however, this task can be crossed off the list.