2017.10.26 - Overnighter

So far the plan is working. The yard can lift Naiad tomorrow afternoon, I just have to get her there. So, after work I cycled down to the mooring with my supplies, threw them all into the cabin and set off. I need to get to the Brandon Creek Environment Agency mooring before it gets dark. Unlike my previous sailing trips, this one involved paddle-sailing. Basically I sailed but when the speed dropped I paddled to keep a reasonable progress going. It took 90 minutes to get to the mooring and once the lines were set I tidied up the cabin so that I could get in, lit the heater as it will be cold tonight and brewed a cup of tea.

Tina visited for a bite to eat after she had fed the horses and we had a pleasant evening. Bacon butties were the fare for the evening and Tina enjoyed sitting inside in the warm cabin.

After she had gone home I made up my berth and went to bed. Interestingly, I woke a few times during the night and noticed that I was slowly slipping further into the bows. Naiad must slope down a little forward when you are seeing forward. I think it may be better to sleep the other way round with your feet forward and not your head.