2017.10.25 - Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht

“Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht” is an old Yiddish adage meaning, “Man Plans, and God Laughs.”, only it rhymes in Yiddish. Still, why this adage now? In my last post I mentioned that I intended to keep Naiad in the water until mid-November before lifting her out, but the weather forecast for Thursday afternoon and all Friday looks to be be perfect sailing weather for a trip to Ely. So, the intention now is to contact the marina in Ely this afternoon and see if a lift out on Friday afternoon is possible from their end. Then I'll cycle down to Naiad tomorrow after work with enough food and drink to last me until Friday afternoon and set off. The aim will be to get as far as the Environment Agency mooring in the black hole just South of the Ship Inn. I'll sleep there the night and make a very early start, possibly even before daylight, aiming to be in Ely early to mid-afternoon.

What happens then is to be decided. One option would be for me to walk to the station and take the train back to Littleport where Tina will have left the car as is her normal daily practise. I drive home, pick up the trailer, drive back to the marina and Naiad is then lifted out and onto the trailer. The second option is that Tina, instead of driving the car to Littleport and getting the train to Cambridge, drives the car and trailer to Ely, parks in the marina, walks to the station and catches her train from there.

The first option has the advantage that Tina does not have to leave the house early so that she does not miss her train at Ely. The disadvantage is that if I am late getting Naiad to the marina there will not be time to go home and return with the trailer before the marina closes for the day.

The second option has the advantage that the car and trailer are already at the marina when I arrive but the disadvantage is that Tina could miss her train to work.

So we shall see. The first task is to arrange the lift and to work from there.

Of course, Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht.