2017.10.19 - Cockpit Tent

The forecast for this afternoon was windy and wet but even so, I decided to go down to Naiad for a couple of hours. My intention was to use the cockpit cover as a temporary and cut-down cockpit tent to see what it was like. When it rained I would be able to see just how waterproof the canvas was, or wasn't as the case may be.

The cockpit cover was lifted over the boom and tied down on the windward side with the bungee that normally holds it down and the other side was held down with thin rope as the bungee was too short otherwise.

Then I put the spreader in place which I'd forgotten to do first but it went in easily enough. The spreader is just the right hight to be able to sit on the seats and for me not to be continually touching the canvas with my head.

So, time for a cup of tea. I should bring some biscuits along for the boat. Some Rich Tea biscuits or Ginger Nuts wold be really nice. I think I'll go shopping tomorrow.

The view when sitting on the starboard thwart sheltered by the canvas.

Of course, having done all this it didn't rain but it did keep the wind off.