2017.10.15 - More Rushes

I went down to the boat this afternoon to check how she had fared after the remnants of hurricane Ophelia had passed by. The wind speed only reached force 7 in the gusts round here so I wasn't that concerned. There were no bumps or scratches so I guess her mooring is pretty safe for the moment.

I took along a 3m x 4m tarpaulin as I found the wheelbarrow too cumbersome to use last Friday and I wanted to do some more rush removal. I spread the tarp on the grass and then used the rush removal fork to pull the rushes out and then dumped them on the tarpaulin. When I had a suitable load I tied rope through the eyelets at one end of the tarp and dragged it over the grass, up the bank, along the footpath to the end of the moorings and back down the bank. Then I rolled the tarp and rushes into the water keeping hold of the rope and let the rushes float away. The I dragged the now much lighter tarp back to the mooring.

It worked quite well but one of the other club members said not to bother with all of that, just go to the end of the pontoons and dump the in the river to float away from there.

So that is what I did with the second and final load.

This is what the berth looked like before I started this afternoon and after I'd done the first load on Friday.

And here it is once I'd finished.

Here's a reminder of what the berth looked like last Friday before I started!