2017.10.15 - Comfort & Vegetation

With the arrival of three of the cushions during the week I took them down to the boat yesterday and checked them for fit. The one for the inside needed about 15 cm cut off one end but the other two will do as is. Tina did her magic with the sewing machine and the cover was also reduced in length by 15 cm.

And here is the result.

The other two fitted fairly well on the cockpit seats but I suspect that I'll have to trim them down a little toward the aft end as anything that is stowed under the side decks, such as the cockpit tent spreaders and the crutches will either sit on the cushions or under them depending on which gets put in first. Still, they will do very nicely for now and although they are only 2" thick, they make the seats a lot more comfortable to sit on.

The wind was a little too strong to go for a sail so I turned my attention to the growth that is taking over the berth.

A whole heap of rushes have grown in the shallow water and it it time to start doing something about them. This is a recurring problem for the moorings so the club, or someone in the club has devised a rush removal tool.

A strong right-angled fork on a long aluminium pole. The idea being that you hook the fork tines under the roots of the rushes and lift it out.

I used the club wheel barrow to collect the rushes that I lifted and them wheeled them down to the downstream end of the mornings and dumped them all back in the water. They will float away and probably rot. I didn't take photos of the result, I only managed one barrow load of vegetation. It is hard work. The roots are covered on heavy mud so its is hard to lift and dump in the barrow which then also becomes heavy to move. I'll take a photo later.

I cleared about a quarter of the mess that is clogging the berth and will do more another day. Little by little the berth will be cleared.