2017.10.03 - Windy Days and More Modifications

The last few days have been just a tad windy so I have been unable to sail Naiad but that has not stopped me from going down the the river and spending some time on Naiad for no other reason that just to be there. Apropos of nothing, to quote Dylan Winter.

It does give me a good chance to be on Naiad when not sailing, to see how comfortable she is, to look at what still needs to be done and to plan the Winter projects and it also allows me to see what the mooring is like under adverse conditions.

I took the video yesterday as I sat in the cockpit with a cup of tea. Unusually I got cold. Normally I'm charged with being strange as you will find me outside in a shirt and undershirt while everyone else is wrapped up in coats, hats and gloves. But, my word, that wind is cold!

I found my stash of buffs and put one one on. I was much warmer very quickly.

So, as I said, the last few days have found me walking or cycling down to the club after work and while it is still light in order to spend some time on Naiad. I took the tiller home yesterday, it is too long making it difficult to tack and control the jib sheets at the same time. It keeps poking you in the back. So I took about 4" off.

I've roughly rounded the end and the now shorter tiller has joined the bottom boards in being varnished. I'll see how much better or not the length is the next time I sail. At the moment Friday afternoon is possible but Sunday is looking great.