2017.09.30 - Expected Sail

I was out of the house shortly after dawn and had pushed back out of the berth at 07:05. The wind was Southerly and light, force 2 maximum, and my aim was a two hour sail up wind and up river and back again.

The new sail arrangement make a difference, I noticed it yesterday and commented upon it and noticed it again today. Yesterday the wind was in the West and I had an almost tack free sail up river until the wind died. Today it was tacking all the way up to the Ship Inn and Naiad made much better work of it than before.

I reached the 2 hour mark just 100m short of the Inn and briefly debated stopping for a cup of tea but decided that I would have tea back on the mooring. As usual the run back took 30 minutes.

I will have to lay in some charcoal and wear gloves when sailing as it is getting just a tad chilly. A great sail all the same.