2017.09.13 - Figuring Out the Problem

Something has been bothering me about Naiad since my last sail but until yesterday I couldn't figure out exactly what it was. After work yesterday I was looking through the photos of Naiad sailing when I noticed the problem. The luff of the mainsail is much too long. I had known that this was the case since I first hoisted the sail but I saw problem it was causing.

When hoisted the throat of the gaff, the end closest to the mast, was tight against the block around which the halyard ran. So much so that it prevented the gaff from swinging from side to side. This had two effects, the first being that the sail was difficult to lower and the second that the sail did not set correctly. This last one is certainly adding to the sailing problems that I'm having with the high banks.

Another problem that this causes is that gusts of wind more easily push the boat over sideways as the sail cannot ‘sag’ away from the wind.

The solution to the problem is to shorten the luff so I called at the club on the way to the supermarket this afternoon, today is shopping day, in order to take the sail off so that it can be modified.

I got it off easily enough but whilst I was untying the various lashings I didn't notice the big, black cloud approaching and I got soaked in the downpour. It only lasted a few minutes but I was drenched even so.

Still, the sail is now off so I can make the necessary alterations during the evenings. It won't take long and I won't be able to go for a sail until next week anyway due to an event at Caldicot Castle.

In the meantime I have the shopping to do.