2017.06.28 - Changes and Voyages

A fair bit of work has been carried out in the last couple of weeks but not enough individually to warrant a separate post for each. So they have been collected together.

My mooring springs arrived and have been fitted to the lines. The mooring line are not cut and then tied to each end of the spring but rather a loop left in the line so that if the spring should ever break, the mooring line remains safe.

Both bow lines were fitted this way.

The stern line had the tyre tied to the loop so that there are two shock absorbers in the line.

I bough some plastic parrel beads for the mainsail mast lashing. I didn't buy enough which is why only two were fitted but this arrangement did not work particularly well as the halyards kept fouling the beads and preventing the sail from lowering properly.

So I bought some smaller ones to put between the larger beads and this arrangement worked. I bought the plastic ones as they are just a tad cheaper that the "proper" wooden beads. The plastic one cost me £48.70p whereas the wooden one would have cost me £367.80p.

Sometime wood is not the best choice.

The cleats for the forward reefing lines were added to the boom but I had to wait until the wind was light enough to fit the lines themselves.

That finally happened on 17th June. I went down to the mooring early and fitted both sets of reefing lines. Here you can see the parrel beads hoisted as I'm sailing upriver.

These lines are the aft reefing lines. They lead from the cleat through the pulley up and thought the cringle in the leech of the sail and then back down through a hole and a stopper knot stops it from unravelling.

The forward lines are pretty much the same except that there is no pulley, just a stainless steel eye.

The wind had picked up a little by the time I'd finished all that so I cast off and sailed up to the Ship Inn. This time I had my camera with me and was able to video the entire trip. Now 120 minutes of nothing but sailing is boring even if you really like sailing so I've put together a shorter version for you to see. Just 7 minutes long.

Mind you, it took a few days to learn how to edit the video files to get what I wanted which is another reason for the delay between posts.