2017.05.28 - Sail Now On

The morning was bright and cooler than it has been but although there was wind it was light. The forecast was not looking good so after feeding the horses I cycled over to Naiad and put on the mainsail.

This is just after the various lashings had been tied in place but I was not able to hoist the sail any further than this since the wind was from the West and blowing from the stern forwards.

Here she is as I was leaving, the sail now stowed and tied with sail ties. I made those whilst having a second cup of tea. Then I returned home for breakfast.

After breakfast I continued the knife storage. Here the wood laminated yesterday has been planed and then cut to the correct width. The four pieces on the right are the offcuts.

With the pieces cut to length and then clamped into position I was able to drill the screw holes after making sure that the inlay still fitted,

The edges will be cut to match the corners after the pieces have been screwed together.

And here we are, the surround now screwed in place.

Turning it over shows the top side. The knives did not fall out which is encouraging.

These are some of the pieces cut off the laminated wood. You can see just how well the wood has glued together.

The lid was cut from 9mm plywood and small hinges added.

All the remains now is to get a catch for the lid and to varnish everything. Not bad.

Still no voyages though!