2017.05.20 - A New Adventure

With the successful launch of Naiad yesterday and thus the conclusion of the Naiad Reconstruction project, it is time to start a new series of adventures, this time the Naiad voyages.

Not at all surprisingly I was down to Naiad fairly early this morning since I had a number of things to sort out such as the mooring ropes to make them fit the club standards. Our club requires the mooring ropes to be 15mm at least.

There was a lot to sort out down below as things were still willy-nilly, pretty much as they had been put there yesterday at the launch, and these had to be sorted out and a number of items returned home.

Of course, one of the reasons for joining a club is the social aspect and I spent some time talking to my fellow club members during the morning. Just after lunch, however, the wind got up and the rain started so I closed up and went home.