2016.09.04 - Website Disaster

After the immense amount of work on Naiad that was achieved yesterday I thought that I would do my best to get another day's good work done. Alas, it was not to be. Right after breakfast I updated the project log and published the updates only to find that my website was trashed. The software that I use to maintain the website completely messed up the site and I spend the best part of the day getting the site back to what it should have been. Yes I do have backups, but they also failed which was just a trifle annoying. Still, as you can see, the site is back up and running although not quite as before.

I finally set foot outside the house at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and managed to do a few pieces of work on Naiad just to say that I have done something today.

This is Naiad's nameplate and I have to find a way to copy it so that I have three. Not sure how to do that just yet.

The two cabin sides consist of four parts, two each, but we were only able to get three of them entirely out of one piece of plywood. I had the choice to either cut the last piece out of a new sheet or to cut three pieces out of one of the offcuts and glue them together. On reflection the two joins will not be that noticeable, in fact one will not be visible at all so I decided not to cut up a new sheet of plywood.

This part of the cabin side is really going to be the aft end of the cockpit coaming. Three inches of this will be blow the deck level and not seen at all as it will be under the poop deck and on the outside about one inch will be covered in a rounded edging leaving just about a inch of the join showing if you really look hard for it.

This part of the cabin side is the point at which the 6" part below the deck on the inside of the cabin becomes the 3" part below the deck in the cockpit and around here the aft end of the cabin will be mounted so this bit should not be seen at all.

I also started reinforcing the chain locker. A second piece of 6mm plywood was epoxied onto the front of the locker and some of the remaining gaps filled with epoxy.

The upper end of the reinforcement just needs to be lightly clamped in position, the lower end is held in place by the protruding sides of the locker.