2024.01.07 - Bit of an Oddity

The type of sailing I do in Naiad is not what you might call normal. In fact, as the title states, it's a bit of an oddity. I cruise, yes, but to narrow and shallow anchorages that may only be reached by a small, shallow draft boat. I don't visit marinas since Naiad doesn't fit and besides which, I can't really afford the prices. I am a member of the Dinghy Cruising Association since technically, Naiad is a Falcon dinghy but I don't really fit into their philosophy either. The DCA members keep their boats at home, or near home, and take them to the next cruise on a trailer. They launch in the morning, sail around and camp overnight somewhere, sail back to the launching place, retrieve their boats and go home.

There are a few other sailors that do the same as I do in Naiad, but they are not common, so my sailing tends to be very solo. Even the Cruising in Company events that are organised by the Yacht Club are only possible if I can start the day before the event proper allowing me time to get to the destination before the others arrive. They are all much faster than Naiad and if I didn't set off earlier, then I'd not get to the destination in time.

So, what am I planning for this year?

As much sailing as I can get done if weather permits and I want to visit more of the creeks and inlets that border the River Blackwater. I'm hoping to do some reconnaissance during the early Spring, visiting these destinations from the land at low water and taking photos and possibly some drone footage. This will give me a better idea of what the mud is like and where obstructions exist that must be avoided.

Hopefully it will be an interesting year.