2022.11.30 - How Thick is the Stem Timber?

In order to answer that question I need a hole in the timber. Not so coincidentally I also need a hole in the stem timber through which the eye bolt will be fitted forming the new bobstay stem fitting. Before I can buy the eye bolt I need to know how long it should be.

So, the first task of the day is to drill a small hole in the stem.

The first thing to do is to make a jig to be placed on the stem to hole the drill bit steady and more or less perpendicular to the stem both up & down and side to side. The v-shaped pieces of wood prevent the jig from rocking.

The result is a 6mm hole drilled through the stem. A little off-centre but acceptable.

On the inside the hole is also a little off-centre but acceptable again. The hole is also far enough up the stem not to cause problems with the sampson post although the chain locker might need a little adjustment as I suspect that the nut and the end of the bolt might stop the chain locker from sitting correctly. But that's a job for another time.

The thickness of the stem at this point is 60mm so now I can go ahead and order the eye bolt.