2022.11.28 - Task 4 Continued.

Another nice day, foggy and cool to begin but the sun burned off the fog by mid morning and it became quite warm. So, time to get on with the chain plates.

This is the sampson post in one piece again and roughly cleaned up.

I'm still undecided as to how far to go with the cleaning up so I'm leaving it for the moment.

Each of the new chain plates has been marked on the reverse with dots identifying which one goes where on the boat.

I also drilled the topmost hole in the three plates that were not drilled before since it is only the middle two that need to be drilled using the old plate as a reference. 

The second plate proved to be a little problematic as you can see. A screw in the way and it didn't want to come out. I sawed it off with a hacksaw since even with pliers this screw would not budge. It will be covered with epoxy later so it should not matter that it is currently exposed.

The view of the hull with the three bolts.

And another view of the same.

After lunch and a sit down I completed the remaining chain plates. They are all drilled in the correct places and have been dry fitted to the hull. I wonder what I should do with the old ones. Really I should clean them up and polish them and then see if anyone wants to buy them.

The starboard locations of the chain plates.

And the port. There needs to be a bit more cleaning up in these areas, such as treating the bare wood of the rubbing strake with epoxy, but if I do that now I shall be wasting epoxy as I will only need about half a portion so I'll wait until I next mix up a batch. This task is not completed yet, I still have the interior and exterior backing pads to make but the inside ones will have to wait until the metal arrives and I haven't decided how to make the outside ones as yet.

I decided to clean up the repair to the sampson post and used one of my nice sharp planes to remove the high spots.

I have to say that the result looks a lot better than before. This is almost ready to be varnished. A bit more cleaning up and a light sand and it should be ready.

Time for a coffee.