2022.05.08 - Not so Well Set Up.

For various reasons I decided to got to Naiad late Friday afternoon and spend two nights onboard. I also would be able to leave the dinghy in the dinghy park on my return as that opens on 5th May this year.

I discovered that Naiad is not so well set up for more than a single night or a day visit.

A two night visit is not something that I've done before or I would have found out the problem earlier, but in a nutshell the stowage space is badly laid out so that it is quite difficult to access the things you need.

For example, all the cooking utensils are under the starboard cabin seat.There are two problems here. firstly I have too many utensils and secondly, I'm usually sitting on the seat when I need to access the utensils that I need to use. So, I need to bring a few items back home and divide what is left into two portions. One portion being the stuff that is use regularly and the other is everything else.

The regularly used stuff should not be under the seat!

The food needs to be in baskets or carriers that have a handle and a lid and these need to be able to fit in the foot well between the centreboard case and the starboard seat. The idea being that during the day these are either on one of the berths or in the foot well and during the night, they are out in the cockpit.

The milk crate in the cabin needs to have just tins or small bottles and not anything else.

During the night the cockpit tent needs to be erected so that things from inside the cabin can be moved out into the cockpit and not get wet if it rains or blown away if the winds blows hard.

Or both.

So, lots more work to do yet.

I'm enjoying this!