2020.09.20 - New Halyard Guide IV

There has been some work done on the new halyard guide but not a lot as I had to wait for some longer bolts to be delivered. The ones I had were 5mm too short, so I bought some new one that are 10mm longer so that I can cut them down to the exact size required.

Now that they have arrived I can continue a little further. There the bolts have been put in place and cut to length.

The sheaves are now a very slightly tighter fit after the wood oil was applied to the inside of the guide, but the boss of the sheave is designed to be a little wider than the sheave itself so that it will still turn freely even though the boss is clamped tightly in position.

Dry fit again to check that everything is still correct.

Including the rope and as you can see here the ropes fit well and the lead is just right. So this can now be painted before final fitting.

I put some dry lubricant on the bearing race before installing the sheaves. It is important to use a dry lubricant since a wet one, like grease or oil, thickens after time as dust and other particulate matter gets stuck to the lube. This in turn causes friction but more importantly since the bearing is plastic and not metal, it easily damages the bearing.

I have some graphite lubricant for the various locks and padlocks we own so I used a small quantity of this. It does the job but gets everywhere!

Including in my tea!

So, time for a fresh one.